Here you will find the details of the PLSA Network meetings – summaries, agendas, and associated papers. Annual General Meetings are conducted at the November Network Meeting.

Please note: Most documents are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. A few use Microsoft Office products, so to view them you will need a compatible program like Microsoft Word, for example.


Most recent meeting – 4 June 2024


Past meetings 

August Agenda

Tomorrow’s Libraries Review – PLSA Update (pptx, 425kb)



November AGM Agenda | Minutes
September Guidelines, Standards and Outcome Measures for Australian Public Libraries.
June agenda

Town of Walkerville – Our journey:  From consultation and design concepts;  through to completion…and  beyond, presented by Fiona Deckert, Manager Community Services

City of West Torrens – Hamra Centre Library Children’s Area Makeover

Public Libraries SA presentation

February agenda

Wavesound: the story so far (PPTX, 3.5Mb)
The Library of 2019
One Place (PPTX, 2Mb)
Adelaide City Libraries Digital Technologies (PDF, 800Kb)
Axis 360 (PDF, 930Kb)
Glen Eira Axis 360 Case Study (PDF, 440Kb)

November Public Libraries SA Annual General Meeting – minutes (docx)

Public Libraries SA AGM attendees (docx)
President’s Report (docx)
Events & Marketing Committee Report (docx)
One Workforce Committee Report (docx)
Joint Use Libraries Association Report (docx)
SA Libraries Children and Youth Services Report (docx)
Community Languages Committee Report (docx)
2015 Conference Report (docx)

June Victor Harbour – Children’s Area Refurbishment (pptx, 7.5Mb)
Yankalilla Library – Evolution (pptx, 518Kb)
City of Marion RFID (pptx, 5.7Mb)
All things NLA + LA + Trove (pptx, 36.5Mb)
Forward Learning SA (pdf, 358Kb)
Envisionware (ppsx, 2.5Mb)
March agenda (pdf)

About Corinne Hill and Rachel Van Riel (docx)
Public Library Transformation – Chattanooga Public Library – Corinne Hill
(pptx, 37Mb)
Changing the conversation and the relationship – Rachel Van Riel (ppt, 9.4Mb)
Priorities – Book promotion and display – Rachel Van Riel (pptx, 77.7Mb)
Changing the Skill Set – Rachel Van Riel (ppt, 7Mb)
Changing Libraries – new ways of working – Rachel Van Riel (ppt, 38Mb)
CAVAL Languages Direct (pptx, 2.5Mb)
Pubic Libraries SA Levies Review (pptx, 374Kb)

November agenda (docx)

PLSA Annual General Meeting – minutes (pdf, 357Kb)
The future of the South Australian Public Library (SAPL) network…A community in action! (pdf, 3Mb)
Intelligent returns 2014 (pptx, 465 Kb)
President’s report (docx)
PLSA Quarterly presentation November 2014 (pptx, 3.3Mb)

July agenda (pptx, 107Kb)

2014 SAPLN Awards presentation (pptx, 85Mb)
German libraries and the Third Place: creating community relevancy in the era of the e-book – lessons for South Australia (pptx, 17Mb)
James Bennett (ppt, 2.2Mb)
Three new libraries (ppt, 55Mb)
Gallery of Photos

May agenda (draft, Microsoft Word)

One Workforce survey results (Microsoft PowerPoint)
PLSA Workforce Survey Summary (Microsoft Excel)
Workforce planning feedback (Microsoft Word)

February agenda (Microsoft Word)

Gallery of photos
Envisionware talk (ppsx file)
ACC library operation planning (Microsoft PowerPoint)
Four enablers strategy (Microsoft PowerPoint)
Workforce blueprint take action (Microsoft PowerPoint)
Committee reports (Microsoft Word)
President’s report (Microsoft Word)

November agenda

PLSA Annual General Meeting – agenda | minutes
Easy guide to the PLSA Executive 2013
PLSA Nomination Form 2013
Questions about being on PLSA Executive Committee 2013
Public Libraries SA budget 2012-2013 (Microsoft Excel)
Public Libraries SA budget report – June 2013 (Microsoft Excel)
Draft budget 2012-2013– 30 November 2012 (Microsoft Word)
PLSA membership fees 2012-2013 – 30 November 2012 (Microsoft Word)
Public Libraries SA financial statement for 2011-2012 – 30 November 2012 (Microsoft Word)



Full details available at the Conference website.
June agenda
February agenda
November agenda

PLSA Annual General Meeting – agenda | minutes
PLSA Annual General Meeting President’s Report 2008-2009
PLSA Draft Constitution (for voting at AGM) (Microsoft Word)
PLSA Budget Reports – 2008-2009 | 2009-2010
PLSA Financial Report, September 2009
PLSA Budget 2009-2010
PLSA Fees 2009-2010
PLSA Executive Nomination Form 2009-2010
PLSA Executive Committee 2009-2010
PLSA Communications Network 2009-2010
PLSA Action Plan, August 2009
PLSA Governance Review (memo to the Association) (Microsoft Word)
Online Resources Report, November 2009
Summary of Projects, Committees and their Status
President’s Report – SA Smart State
President’s Report, February 2009 – Keeping Members: why memberships lapse
President’s Report – Developing a vision and national framework for Australian Public Libraries

Annual General Meeting 2008 – Minutes
Questions and Answers about being on the PLSA Executive Committee (2008)

August agenda

President’s Report, August 2009
President’s Memo to Members, July 2009
Email from Geoff Strempel re: Library Studies
Assessing the Economic Value of Public Libraries for Lobbying Purposes, September 2008
Appendix I – Sue McKerracher’s Career
Website Update

March agenda President’s Report, March 2009