PLSA Conference 2013


Conference Presentations 2013

Summaries and files relating to each of the presentations in Libraries: Culture of Change: PLSA Conference 2013.

Todd SampsonTodd Sampson
CEO Leo Burnett

The Power of Creativity

Creativity is one of the last remaining competitive advantages companies have today. This presentation is a celebration of the power of creativity in solving any problem – big, small, social, political, economic or environmental. It works from the premise that ‘creativity has the power to change the world, but fear has the power to stop that from happening and the most successful leaders and organisations of the future will be the ones that can successfully balance both’.

The presentation is built on real life experience and explores innovative ideas, cultural change and problem solving. It weaves together real stories about the creation of Earth Hour, being a CEO of a leading company and climbing Mount Everest unguided. The consistent take out has been ‘that has inspired me to think differently about how we work’, ‘it makes me think about the impact I can have as an individual’, ‘it encourages me to be braver and try harder to make a difference within my company’. It is ultimately a combination of creativity, idea generation, leadership, culture change, earth hour, problem solving, innovation, bravery and adventure all wrapped up into one real life personal journey. It offers practical advice in a unique and plain speaking way.

Bill MacnaughtBill Macnaught
National Librarian, National Library of New Zealand Te Puna Matauranga O Aotearoa

What’s new at the National Library of New Zealand?

Last year the National Library building of Wellington reopened after a NZ$65m refurbishment. The team have also been rethinking service delivery. A priority for 2013/14 is to improve work with the public library sector. Last year the Association of Public Library Managers in NZ published a strategic framework for future development. Among the conclusions the report pointed to a strategic need for greater collaboration with the National Library. In this session Bill will describe progress in doing just that.

Patti ManolisPatti Manolis
Chief Executive Officer, Geelong Regional Library

Library Success through Strategy and Advocacy

Back in 2007 Patti convinced the Geelong Library Corporation Board to put aside a year as a period of exploration and discovery. They agreed and since that time have engaged extensively with the community, undertaken four library study tours of best practise libraries in Australia, participated in landmark research projects, completed a number of key strategies and advocated strongly to funding bodies. The results speak for themselves with and 86% increase in income, 4 new libraries and a new central library, the iconic architecturally designed Geelong Library and Heritage Centre currently under construction. Patti will share the story of the Geelong Regional Library corporation’s transformation.

Patti Manolis presentation (pptx, 47.02Mb)

Mandi WicksMandi Wicks
Director, Audio & Language Content SBS

SBS Radio: Embracing a change culture to reflect cultural change in Australia

SBS is an organisation for all Australians – we want to inspire everyone to explore, appreciate and celebrate our diverse world and by doing so contribute to an inclusive and cohesive society.

During the past 38 years, SBS radio has been informing, educating and entertaining audiences in Australia. Today, Australia is more diverse and SBS’s services are more needed than ever before.

Technology has also changed significantly and audiences now expect to access content when and where they want it and on every device they choose to use. SBS Radio has been on a journey to reconnect with audiences across all platforms – radio, television, online and mobile. In a world of enormous cultural change SBS Radio has embraced a change culture to deepen engagement and grow our audiences.

Mandi Wicks presentation (ppt, 5.79Mb)

Ross DuncanRoss Duncan
Manager, Library and Gallery Services, Sunshine Coast Regional Council

How Libraries change the world

Since amalgamating three library services into a single regional service in 2008, Ross has led the service to several state and national awards. Having dramatically broadedned the variety of services on offer, Ross and the team are now working to drive membership, improve benefits for members and increase community awareness of libraries. Ross will share his thoughts on how libraries are much more than meeting spaces, in fact, how they can help change the world for the better.

Ross Duncan presentation (ppt, 1.99Mb)

Michelle PrakMichelle Prak
Social Media Consultant

┬áSocial media: culture of change or doing what we’ve always done?

The way people gain their new, information and entertainment has changed. Social media tools enable us to curate our own content and easily share this with others online. Is this the revolution? Or just another way of people doing what they’re always keen to do – tell stories and share information? Michelle Prak will showcase ways in which people are using social media for their news and entertainment channels, and trace the motivations behind being ‘a good digital citizen’.

Julie RaeJulie Rae
President, Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA)

Can we shape our own future?

In shaping a future direction we need to determine what the future will be. What are the trends and the various scenarios that will confront libraries and how we can utilise these? This presentation will look at the various scenarios available to public libraries and draw on evidence from other industries that will help us answer the tough questions.

Julie Rae presentation (pptx, 2.97Mb)

Peter BlasinaPeter Blasina
The Gadget Guy

Changing technologies – blessing or curse?

The focus of this session is the accelerating rate of technological change and the particular impact this is having on libraries. New ideas and business models also means change, which for most people is both a blessing and a curse. It’s easy enough to think about something new, it may not be so easy to know what to do about it and even harder to make it happen.

Peter will share how digital technologies make it possible for us to increase social connectivity on an unprecendented scale and to interact with the online environment more directly. He will cover how we all need to be planning for change rather than reacting when change in forced upon us. He covers the impact of two concurrent revolutions – the Communications Revolution and the Information Revolution – especially how the latter will change the operation and technological footprint of Australian Libraries. In terms of future growth, Peter sees a number of accelerators or drivers – the enomous gains in power, miniaturization, product intelligence, interconnectivity, cloud services, mobility and a raft of other technological dimensions – will be felt in every industry, every corner of the globe, and every nook and cranny of society.

Peter WellingPeter Welling
Executive Director, VicRoads

Kit and caboodle customer focussed culture change

Peter has implemented cultural change programs across Virgin Blue Airlines, Local Government and State Governments that all have one thing in common, they worked. Listen to a hands on practitioner and share war stories about the strategies and implementation methods for real cultural change that are transferable across the boundaries to align your culture to the values your customers demand. If you are interested in increasing customer and staff satisfaction then this it the session to attend.

Peter Welling presentation (pptx, 4.83Mb)

Marian Morgan-BindonMarian Morgan-Bindon
Manager Library Services and Cultural development, Gold Coast City Council

You wouldn’t read about it! 3 libraries, 3 weeks, 3 stories.

Within a very short timeframe, the City of Gold Coast celebrated the opening of three new integrated facilities that include either a local, a district or regional level branch library. Find out a little more about how we deliver the city’s community infrastructure model and hear how we surf the Gold Coast waves without wiping out and yes our poodles are pink.

Opening of Helensvale Library and Community Centre (mp4, 56.09Mb)
Marian Morgan-Bindon presentation (pptx, 15.89Mb)

Bernard SaltBernard Salt
Demographer and Trend Forecaster

Future Proofing SA Libraries: How social and demographic change will underpin demand for knowledge facilitators.

KPMG Partner, best-selling author and columnist Bernard Salt argues that libraries are more than ever central to the education process. Not everyone is a hip and connected Gen Y with limitless budgets to connect to whatever information source they need. New migrant groups, the disadvantaged and the less literate will always need libraries and library staff to give them the best chance of remaining connected in the 2020s and beyond.

In this energetic and powerful presentation Bernard Salt articulates the case for libraries and library staff as the education and knowledge facilitators of the future navigators for those who want to be part of the new economy.

Bernard Salt presentation (pptx, 1.07Mb)