one workforce

Key summary

Key PLSA Executive project to deliver over the next 12 months

This project will:

  • Identify emerging workforce issues
  • Develop a broad range of strategies
  • Define what is required of a library professional
  • Assess the current capabilities/competencies of library staff
  • Better understand, anticipate and target future skill requirements
  • Help build a state-wide library talent pool
  • Help build effective teams
  • Develop and improved capability to link expenditure on people to service delivery outcomes

View a PowerPoint presentation detailing the process, our achievements and future plan –
One Workforce Presentation with notes

Take note of the following planned consultations:

  • Jul 2013: what are the key competencies and skills you think we require to be successful and what workforce challenges are you facing as a manager or library coordinator?
  • Dec 2013: consultation on skills gap analysis findings
  • Mar 2014:  Consultation on training and development opportunities
  • Jun 2014:  consultation on  draft leadership program for the network

Contact Hanlie Erasmus (Unley), or Anne Pascoe (West Torrens) if you have any questions.