Public Libraries SA

We are the executive body representing the interests of all our public libraries in South Australia.

Public Libraries SA Inc has an important role to play both in representing the strategic interests of the South Australian Public Library Network, and also in ensuring the long-term vitality both of public libraries in South Australia and of the Network itself.

The success of the Association is underpinned by its values of:

  • Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment;
  • Maintaining openness to new and diverse ideas;
  • Presenting in a cohesive and united manner to strengthen outcomes; and
  • Ensuring a high level of professionalism and commitment to advancing South Australian public libraries.

Welcome to our website. Here you will find information and resources for the Libraries of South Australia. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Day of Democracy – 15 September 2023

‘Australia‚Äôs public libraries have established a trusted position in local communities and are uniquely placed to support public engagement and the democratic process. Through their collections and their provision of information services, libraries support people to find information, encounter different points of view and be informed citizens. As the world contends with the rapid spread and impact of mis and disinformation, library staff are increasingly called upon to help members of the community to both navigate the wealth of information at their disposal, and to develop critical information, digital and media literacy skills.’

Read more in the ALIA-APLA Joint Statement on the International Day of Democracy