A great day at the Hallett Cove Civic Centre

On Monday we had a great day at the Hallett Cove Civic Centre with another Public Libraries SA Quarterly event.

We started off the day with the latest news about Public Libraries SA. Lynn Spurling, our President, highlighted some important changes to the constitution which will be available for voting at the next Quarterly on Sept 19th:

  1. The requirement that only one person per Council can be on the Executive Committee has been removed, thus allowing library services with multiple branches to have more than 1 staff member eligible;
  2. The committee structure. 1 President, 1 Vice President, 1 Treasurer and up to 9 committee members – of which 1 must be JULA, 1 Metro & 1 country;
  3. Honorary Life membership – to be added so that contributions to the network can be awarded.

An email will be sent out to the network very soon asking for your feedback. If you have any questions please get in touch with your Committee Member representative.

Public Libraries SA Quarterly

I had the pleasure to officially launch our revamped Public Libraries SA logo, our new website and Facebook page as well as our new brochure. This is a result of extensive work which has been done in collaboration with all Committee Members and Ruth Powley, our web designer guru.

Our objective with this work is to better engage and communicate with the library network by clarifying the differences and synergies between Public Libraries SA and Public Library Services and by showcasing all the valuable contribution that is done thru the Public Libraries SA Quarterlies and Conferences.

It is also important to note the involvement of staff from the network in the Public Libraries SA subcommittees:

  1. Community Languages
  2. Marketing
  3. Children and Youth (SALCYS)
  4. JULA

Their participation and commitment is fundamental for the continuous improvement and relevance of our industry. If you would like to get on board in any of our subcommittees please get in touch. You are very welcome!

Next in the agenda was an update from the Public Library Services. Geoff Strempel, Associate Director, provided some high level information around the Workforce Planning Project, BC Acquisition, the recruitment of some staff and the Digital Strategy, all of which, in one way or another, are aligned with the key directions and actions described in the Future’s Library Report.

Following, Jo Freeman, Manager Strategic Projects, updated the group on the BlueCloud Acquisitions. She informed some of the issues and upgrades that needs to be completed before the new system is available to the network, which is likely to happen in the second semester.

Shane Cathcart, Associate Director at the State Library Services, talked about the actions he is putting in place to make the ‘internal engine’ (aka structure) to work for the State Library.

After updates from the Public Libraries SA, Public Library Services and State Library it was time for a much needed coffee break and a tour at the Hallett Cove Civic Centre.

While we were getting to know all the intricacies of developing a modern library building, Clayton Wehner, a consultant who has been engaged with Public Library Services to produce a Digital Strategy for the library network, was ready to share his views with us. The document, yet to be endorsed by the Library Board, is due for submission at the end of the month and Clayton was able to share the foundation model and to explain the rational about the Digital Strategy and Operations Model Diagram. You can see the slide presentation here and the draft vision here.

Liz Byrne, now appointed Manager Marion Library Service, presented on the Cove Library – The Journey. It was just remarkable to realize the amount of work and effort that was put into the development of this new building. Certainly a lesson for all of us in the network, especially for those who are directly or indirectly involved in developing a new library.

Three more exciting presentations completed the proceedings in the afternoon:

  • Stretton Centre – a Community Space’, Dermot Cussen, Director Stretton Centre
  • Walkerville Library: ‘Reflecting on the build through to community ownership’, Fiona Deckert, Manager Community Services.
  • West Torrens Library: ‘Children’s Area Makeover’, Beth Strongman, Children’s Services Officer.

The presentations will be available online soon – keep an eye on this space.

Thanks very much for those who attended our Public Libraries SA Quarterly. It was great to see so many people engaged and willing to participate and contribute to the direction of the library network.

A big THANKS to Liz Byrne, Manager Marion Library Service, for opening up her library and hosting our Quarterly at the Hallett Cove Civic Centre.

I look forward to seeing everyone in our next Quarterly in September.

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Tomas Alves
Public Libraries SA Committee Member